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Traditional Bath & Shower Room


Traditional T&G wooden cladding bathroom with disused airing cupboard and wasted space where basin is. All walls where lathe and plaster and most of floor was fitted or repaired badly. 


Airing cupboard removed, all pipes rerouted. ceiling, picture rail, walls and coving repaired.


All walls below the picture rail had to be removed (lathe and plaster) and floor repaired properly. All waste pipes (which went up and down like a roller coaster, as you can see above) and hot and cold pipes replaced and insulated, and clipped down properly. All walls insulated to bring up to current regulations. 


With the airing cupboard gone, the waste, hot and cold pipes replaced and improved, floor and walls repaired, we managed to fit a walk in shower,(with duel rain head/riser bar shower), where the airing cupboard was, making the most of the space. The floor was tiled in traditional floor tiles and walls tiles in the shower area and around the bath and basin to contain the water splashes from use. 


All skirting and architrave replaced, the door hinges was upgraded and added a third hinge for support. the new marble vanity basin unit was fitted with matching bath and filling panels to blend in and cover any dust traps. 

A traditional duel fuel towel rail was fitted in a more convenient position to the shower and to finish off the bathroom into something well designed and beautiful.

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