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Large Shower room, fully tiled. Before & After All work undertaken by Shaun Taylor Bathrooms except electrics and decorating.

  • Traditional cream bathroom suite, fully tiled with pink carpet

  • Corner whirlpool bath,

  • b day,

  • back to the wall pan with concealed cistern,

  • large double basin,

  • partition wall up to basin,

  • small square shower.


  • All furniture, tiles and carpet removed

  • Partition wall exposed

  • Boxing removed

  • All plumbing capped off where necessary.

We came across a slight issue though...

The waste for the basin and shower tray was surface mounted

and inside the built in cupboards in the bedroom next door.


No problem!


  • Removed Cupboard base,

  • Removed and repiped waste under the floor

  • Tested the waste and refit floor boards and cupboard without any disruption 

Now the building work starts!!

  • All Plumbing repiped and tested.

  • Concealed wall hung toilet frame and cistern fitted

  • Boxing built and boarded

  • Shower and tray fitted, plumbed in and tested

  • Partition wall removed and made good

  • All walls repaired and smoothed over where necessary

  • Walls inside old shower tray plastered, ready for next stage

  • Ceiling plastered

  • First fix of electrics finished

  • Old shower converted into cupboard with shelves and door

Now to get some tiling done!

The Finished Product!

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