Before & After

See the bathrooms transform from start to finnish
Complete Renovation


See what is involved in a bathroom where a complere floor replacement is needed due to years of water damage 

Council bathroom to fully tiled shower room


Ex council bathroom removed with all pipes hidden and shower enclosure fitted with walls and floor tiled.

Large shower room, fully tiled


Berfore, during and after pictures of a large bathroom installation

Floor Replacement


Half tiled,half plastered bathroom with floor and wall replacement. 

En-suite wall and door resite and rebuild

See what is involved in a large project where stud walls are moved and new doorways fitted in supporting walls, all this before the bathroom renovation.

Wall removal, move and make good


See what is involved in a bathroom where walls have to be removed, patched up and doorways blocked off and added.

Traditional Bath & Shower room


See what is involved in a bathroom where lathe & plaster walls and airing cupboard removed and repaired and a total redesign of the bathroom layout to make the most of the space provided.